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TURNED DOWN FOR CREDIT? and haven’t been told why?

The problem will be on your credit file.
There are two important credit files in your name that you need to understand. These credit files determine whether you can be approved for finance.

We have 9 years’ experience assessing credit files. We can help you understand both of your credit files and why you are being rejected and what you can do to get approved
Our Credit File & Assessment service provides you, within 1 business day:

A copy of your up to date Equifax (formerly, Veda) credit file

A copy of your up to date Dun & Bradstreet credit file

An expert written assessment of both credit files so you know exactly what you need to do to get approved

A phone call with an expert to discuss how you can get approved now

Let us help you get approved!

We protect your privacy. Credit File Experts will not rent or sell your information to any third party.

Get Approved Now

Let the Credit File Experts help you get approved.

Valued at
Personal Credit File Experts Check-Up Report $250
Professional Financial Opinions $350
Personal Consultation $120
Total $720

Limited Time Offer: Only $150

For a limited time, we provide everything you need to know for $150! (RRP $720)

(delivered within 1 business day)

We have helped thousands of people get approved

Let us help you get approved!

We protect your privacy. Credit File Experts will not rent or sell your information to any third party.

My team specialises in assessing credit reports and finding solutions for you so you can get the finance you need. My team will provide you with up to date copies of your credit files, and give you all the answers you need today. Here’s what our customers say

We are here to assist you…







Get The Answers

Under my professional guidance, no problem or opportunity will be missed. You can count on Credit File Experts to get the answers you need. We know exactly what to do.

Here are some genuine examples of what our clients have shared with us:

“I didn’t have a clue why I kept getting rejected but now I understand why my finance applications were always declined in the last few years”

– Chris

“Your Report and phone call helped me to get my credit file in order. Now I’m not worried about future finance applications”

– Shannon

“Thanks for helping me understand what was wrong with my credit file. I couldn’t get a loan to do renovations on my shop and now I can”

– Andrew

“We thought we’d have to wait until 2017 to get a loan but the tips in your Report helped make our dreams come true”

– Toby & Lisa

“I got a free score from a website and it was 457, but the free score report card didn’t tell me why the score was so low or what I could do to lift it. CFE got me a copy of my comprehensive credit file and explained exactly why my score was so low and what I could do to fix it.  I have now successfully been approved for a mortgage for my first home.”

– Tom

“I had no idea what was going on with my credit file. Every time a loan wasn’t approved no one would tell me what the issue was, all they said is it’s probably something on your credit file, but wouldn’t tell me what. Through the CFE service I finally worked out what was wrong with my file and how I could fix it so I could get approved for loans.”

– James

“I was involved in a business that went through some solvency issues and was being pursued by a number of creditors. I’d been told that this would impact my credit file. But no one could give me any certainty about whether that had happened. CFE got me  copy of my credit file and explained the positive as well as the negative information on the file. With their help I am now in a better position when I apply for finance in the next few months.”

– Susie

“I thought I had defaults relating to my business that were stopping me getting finance. Once credit file experts got me my credit file they pointed out that the problem was actually that I was applying for big amounts of finance, and that was stopping me getting a loan.”

– Adam

“I have 2 companies and it was much cheaper getting my company credit files through this service to work out what was happening with my credit applications being rejected. There ended up being three judgments on one of my company files that I did not know about.”

– Jane

“I applied for a home loan and was rejected and my broker checked my credit file. He told me to use this service so I could understand why I was rejected. It turned out I had a council judgment and the team at credit file experts got it erased. My score jumped from 383 to 769 which was high enough to get approved.”

– Matthew

” it was cheaper using this service than getting the paid credit files myself online. The assessment of my files and all the information I got was really the icing on the cake.”

– Pete

“I was knocked back for a car loan and found this service online. It turned out there was a default on my Dun and Bradstreet credit file and this was showing as a serious credit infringement on my Veda credit file. All this was explained to me by the credit file experts team. They got copies of both my credit files instantly and helped me understand what all this meant and gave me advice to clear these bad credit marks. I just got my car loan approved.”

– Bree

All credit repair was not created equal!

All credit repair was not created equal!

In the same way that it matters who you apply for finance with, it also matters who you get your credit repaired by. Focusing on price alone to decide which credit repair company to use is not necessarily a great idea. In the Credit Repair Industry, just like in other...

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You get what you pay for, every time!

You get what you pay for, every time!

Have you ever heard the term, nothing in life is free? The reason why this is such a well-known concept is that it’s true. Not paying for a service that adds value to you sends a confusing message. It gives the feeling that you do not value the service or the...

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Cheeky! ATO lists debt on credit files

Cheeky! ATO lists debt on credit files

Never before has the taxation department been in a position to place default listings on individual’s credit files, but this has all changed. Up until 30 June 2017, the Australian Taxation Office has only been able to take people to court in an effort to get them to...

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We protect your privacy. Credit File Experts will not rent or sell your information to any third party.

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