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download (1)Not all credit repair companies are the same. Here are the things we do better.

Specific experienced advocate – we allocate a highly experienced case manager to fight your case for you. Our complex cases managers have over 5 years’ experience fighting to have bad listings removed from credit files. You don’t have to do fight your case alone.

Money Back – If we are not successful removing your listing/s we refund you $1000 for each listing we are unsuccessful with. This is on the basis that you provide accurate information to us, and respond to our requests for information with 7 days.

Apply the law – we apply the current credit reporting laws to your case and fight for the removal of your listing/s on this basis.

No conflicts – we only do credit repair. We do not use credit repair as click bait to sell you high interest loans or encourage you into Part 9 debt agreements to solve your credit file problems. Unlike some other credit repair companies.

No templates (we tailor) ­– your case is individually prepared by a specialist credit repair case manager. We don’t send you a pack of template letters and get you to do the work yourself. Unlike some other credit repair companies. Our work is tailored to your specific situation, and the relevant laws are applied to your individual case.

Ombudsman on behalf – 70% of the cases we work on are resolved before using an Ombudsman service. However, if we do need to use an Ombudsman service to get a good result for you, we can. Many other credit repair companies are banned from using the Ombudsman services because they have consistently submitted poorly prepared complaints.

Lawyer in your corner  – if required, we can engage a lawyer to fight for you. We use whatever means we can to ensure that your case is successful.