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betterWhen you are turned down for credit, you will not be told exactly why. This can leave you floundering in the dark until you work out what the problem is. You may be able to remember an issue you had with a debt in the past but cannot remember the particulars of what happened. You may not be sure if this is affecting your credit file. Or you may have absolutely no idea why your loan application has just been rejected.

When you are turned down for credit the problem will be on your credit files.

There are two important credit files in your name that you need to understand. These credit files determine whether you can be approved for finance. These credit files are the ones that lenders look at to determine whether you will be approved or rejected for finance.

The two credit files you need to be on top of are your Equifax (formerly Veda) credit file and your Dun & Bradstreet credit file. Credit files are not always easy to understand. Many finance brokers and potential clients contact my team about how to read them. Often people do not see the issues that are holding them back and need to be resolved.

It is vital to know what is on your credit files because if you don’t you will keep have finance applications rejected. For that reason we have rolled our 9 years of experience assessing credit files into a value for money package that provides you with everything you need to know about your credit file to be approved. Remember that a single black mark on either credit file can effect your family/life, and this can cost you dearly in terms of higher interest rates, or being rejected for essential finance.

Our Credit File & Assessment service therefore provides you, within 1 business day:

  1. A copy of your up to date Equifax (formerly, Veda) comprehensive credit file and score
  2. A copy of your up to date Dun & Bradstreet comprehensive credit file and score
  3. An expert written assessment of both credit files so you know exactly what you need to do to get approved
  4. A phone call with one of my credit file experts to discuss the assessment and anything else we can do to assist you to have serious black marks erased from your file

This service gets the ball rolling towards being approved. Without it you will be flying blind.

For a limited time, this consulting package is only $150! (RRP $720). We have helped thousands of people get approved and move forward with their financial lives. Here is what a few recent clients had to say:

Pete – it was cheaper using this service than getting the paid credit files myself online. The assessment of my files and all the information I got was really the icing on the cake.

Adam – I thought I had defaults relating to my business that were stopping me getting finance. Once credit file experts got me my credit file they pointed out that the problem was actually that I was applying for big amounts of finance, and that was stopping me getting a loan.

Susie – I was involved in a business that went through some solvency issues and was being pursued by a number of creditors. I’d been told that this would impact my credit file. But no one could give me any certainty about whether that had happened. CFE got me  copy of my credit file and explained the positive as well as the negative information on the file. With their help I am now in a better position when I apply for finance in the next few months.

Lisa – I have 2 companies and it was much cheaper getting my company credit files through this service to work out what was happening with my credit applications being rejected. There ended up being three judgments on one of my company files that I did not know about.

Tom – I got a free score from a website and it was 457, but the free score report card didn’t tell me why the score was so low or what I could do to lift it. CFE got me a copy of my comprehensive credit files and explained exactly why my score was so low and what I could do to fix it.  I have now successfully been approved for a mortgage for my first home.

James – I had no idea what was going on with my credit file. Every time a loan wasn’t approved no one would tell me what the issue was, all they said is it’s probably something on your credit file, but wouldn’t tell me what. Through the CFE service I finally worked out what was wrong with my file and how I could fix it so I could get approved for loans.

You will be amazed what a difference our service will make to your financial life. Work towards getting approved today!