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All credit repair was not created equal!

In the same way that it matters who you apply for finance with, it also matters who you get your credit repaired by. Focusing on price alone to decide which credit repair company to use is not necessarily a great idea. In the Credit Repair Industry, just like in other...

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You get what you pay for, every time!

Have you ever heard the term, nothing in life is free? The reason why this is such a well-known concept is that it’s true. Not paying for a service that adds value to you sends a confusing message. It gives the feeling that you do not value the service or the...

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Cheeky! ATO lists debt on credit files

Never before has the taxation department been in a position to place default listings on individual’s credit files, but this has all changed. Up until 30 June 2017, the Australian Taxation Office has only been able to take people to court in an effort to get them to...

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