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A good credit file is essential when it comes to getting any type of finance, loan or credit – such as finding
a mortgage with a lower interest rate, getting a credit card or even a mobile phone contract.

You can end your frustration at not knowing what’s going on and why you are being rejected for credit.

Credit File Experts have created a specialised consulting package that explains why you’re being denied credit.

We walk you through a step-by-step process and give you clear direction on what you can do to identify and fix the problems on your credit file.

We Have Helped Thousands Like You

We want to talk to you regarding your credit file. As a first step, simply fill-out the form on the right and our credit repair specialist will contact you immediately.

Here’s How Credit File Experts Can Help You:
  • We’ll provide you with the latest copy of your Veda Credit Report.
  • (Beware of relying on free credit scores. We get you the most detailed and relevant credit report in Australia.)
  • We carefully review its contents and prepare a thorough summary of the good points and problems – in plain English!
  • We provide this to a qualified finance broker and obtain a personal, professional opinion on your chances of getting finance approval.
  • We also obtain professional opinions from other finance specialists about the types of finance or loans you can get with your current credit file – as well as what you could get with an improved credit file.
  • We include concrete actions and tips you can follow to improve your credit file yourself.
  • Finally, we follow up our Credit File Experts Report with a personal call from one of Dr. Merrilyn’s team to make sure your questions have been answered, and you’re on the way to getting the finance you need.

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