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Turned down for credit and haven’t been told why?

Loan or credit application denied? Many working Australians have black marks on their credit file, lowering their credit rating and preventing them from obtaining finance. Credit File Experts works hard to remove these marks to fix your credit rating and help you access the essential financing that you need.

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We protect your privacy. Credit File Experts will not rent or sell your information to any third party.


We get a copy of your credit file.


A phone call with our experts to discuss how you can get approved now.


We provide you with an assessment of your credit file so you know exactly what you need to do to get approved for finance.

“I didn’t have a clue why I kept getting rejected but now I understand why my finance applications were always declined in the last few years.”


We Have Helped Thousands Like You

My team and I have specialised in credit reporting law in both Australia and the UK since 2009.

Over that time, we have helped 1000’s of people understand why they can’t get finance.

My team will get a copy of your credit file, find the problem, and provide the answers you need.

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